May 27, 2014

January 25, 2014

Don't Give Up

Someday, we'll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way and own time. After all, what matters is not the first, but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race. So smile, laugh, forgive and believe and love all over again

December 06, 2013

Photo: Karen Igho With Girls From Moment With Mo

Karen posted this pic on Instagram with the caption "With the girls from Moment with Mo".

20 Reasons Why Women Stay With Men Who Cheat.

Many people find it hard to understand why a woman would choose to stay in a marriage or a relationship with a man who has cheated on her, or who has a history of extramarital affairs. Yet there are millions of women, who for various reasons, have chosen to stay with a cheating partner. In fact, according to experts up to 75% of couples rocked by infidelity manage to stay together.

These are not the only reasons women remain in relationships with cheaters. There are a myriad of reasons why women stay with cheaters, some that only make sense to the women involved. Below are just a few reasons why women choose to stay with a cheating spouse or partner.

1. The lying has stopped
Women feel better, after everything is out in the open. They believe that with the lying over with, they can begin to repair their marriages.

2. Love
Infidelity does not instantly cancel out love. A woman may still be very much in love with her husband or boyfriend, despite the fact that he has cheated on her.

3. They blame themselves
Self-recrimination seems to play a big part in why women stay with men who cheat. They blame themselves for their men’s behavior. “What did I do wrong to make him cheat?”

4. Financial reasons
There are women who are unable to, or believe they cannot make it on their own without the financial support of a cheating partner.

5. Convenience
It may be more convenient to stay with the cheater for the time being, until certain legal or financial measures have been put into place.

6. For the sake of the children
Some women feel that children should be raised in a two-parent home at all costs.

Big, Bold and Beautiful

When A Woman Is Fed Up.... The Signs by Toke Makinwa

Women in Suit

November 17, 2013

Say '' NO'' to Bad Boys- Toke Makinwa

Mercy Aigbe Lovely Ankara Jumpsuit

Funke Akindele Recounts Her Ordeal In The Hands Of A Crazy Fan.

“I was at the airport sometime back and a woman came to say hello. Of course, I greeted her politely. Again, she came and I did same thing. Again, she came and I was still my smiling self. This went on like 20 times and she brought many people to see me! When it was time to board the plane, I was on a queue and suddenly had a slap on my back! It was the woman and she said, ‘Abebelube’ (Yoruba word for a more-than-smart person) and laughed. I was hurt! But I just grinned and said ‘thank you ma.’ 

Photo of the Day

Stephanie and hubby look so happy together.

Ali Baba Writes On What Makes Relationship Strong

This morning, I posted a pm on my BB asking what makes a relationship strong? I also offered some hints... Is it money? Communication? Sex? Trust? Understanding? Respect? Kids? Religion? Attention? Support?

Amazingly, over 45 people jumped on the hints. Some even agree that all of them make a relationship strong and last longer. Some even said once you have say, 7 of those things covered it will definitely be strong.


That's why we are battling every day. We put the ABUNNA before the horse.

The thinks that weaken a relationship are more important. They look like nothing, but as they gradually eat into the vitals of the relationship, the foundation begin to wobble and eventually cave in. That's what leads to the irreconcilable differences you often hear about.

It is easy to quickly lump these micro killers under a general factor, but trust me, dealing with them individually works better than just saying "The problem we have, She does not respect me". Not respecting is the final destination. There were many steps to that point.

When you fail to provide in the house, when you talk down on, no show of gratitude, making others look down on, not involving the other in decision making... Finally it builds up to the person short changed losing all forms of respect. So it's not LACK OF RESPECT. it's what led to it.

October 15, 2013

How to Style your Tee

Omotola Ekeinde Speaks On ASUU Strike

Omotola Ekeinde tweets on the ongoing ASUU strike...

Barka de sallah. As we pray, eat and relax today.It's a Holiday,lets spare sometime to think.Youths!Your destiny is in your hand. Nigeria

Why is there a crippling silence when Nigerian Schools have been SHUT 4 months and the youths are wasting away with their future uncertain?

Why are Students of the Most Populous Black Nation in the World, "Giant"of Africa NOT in school? where are all the educational funds? # Nigeria

Education is a right not privilege.This should be the 1st Responsibility of every parent, state and country to their child.#Nigeria#education

New Video: Davido- Skelewu

This Is How Peter Okoye Of Psquare Attends Meetings

Moments with Mo co-Host: Marcy Dolapo Oni Stuns in New Photos

Ini Edo is Such a Beauty

September 18, 2013

Qualities of a Winning Personality

1. Exhibit integrity – A person is said to have integrity if what they say and what they do are rooted in the same set of core values.

 2. Don’t speak badly of others – If you speak badly about others to a friend, the chances are you’ll also speak badly about them. Hence, they are likely to be hesitant in what they share with you.

3. Be an optimist – This doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand. It means choosing not to dwell on the negatives, and actively looking for the positives.